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MLB Network’s first day looked good. That was a very interesting Don Larson perfect game show. Does Bob Costas ever sleep? Is he on every sports broadcast? He was at the Wrigley field outdoor game, too, although of course the Larson Show was taped.

The Kinetescope made distances look shorter, sort of similar to the vehicle mirror effect. Still, Mantle’s catch on left center field was amazing as were a few other plays. The crowd was overwhelmingly male, with many in suits and ties. Wierd. did not realize Larson was 3-21 with the Orioles first year in Baltimore, 1954, but two of his wins were against the Yanks, so that explained the trade in part.
Then, there were the endless $1 Gilette razor blade commercials. Amazing. And they threw in that baseball mini-encyclopedia, a — get this — $5.95 value. Wonder how many blades they sold. And “super speed razor”??? Me thinks not.
Another fascinating feature was Jackie Robinson, c. 1956. While his main redux image is of a thin, fast guy, the ’56 Robinson playing 3B actually appeared overweight and slow. A couple of other players also looked out-of-shape by today’s standards, Campanella comes to mind. Duke Snider didn’t, and he made a hell of a catch robbing Mantle before Mantle hit that home run to give the Yankees a 1-0 lead.
And CAN YOU BELIEVE, VIN SCULLY called half the game along with Mel Barber. Scully was a bit more restrained than today, but so was Barber. That seemed to be the early TV broadcast mode, letting the pictures do the work. Now they pile three, maybe four — YES? Network, Mets games — guys.
Sal Maglie at 39, tossing junk; what hapened to the headhunting? Maglie itched awesome as well. Billy Martin at 2B. Yogi Berra of course. Costas said some 15 Hall of Famers either played in the game, sat on the bench or were in the broadcast team that day. Wow! And it was my birthday, but I digress.
Anyway, the Hot Stove Show was very cool, too, even though Harold Reynolds has that cloud hanging over him. Leiter and Larkin did a great, intelligent job.
So,  a nice way to start the new year, maybe even a perfect game way.

TWO HUHS AND A HAH: Juan Pierre, Ned Yost and me or “The Best Jack is a Self-Jack”

HUH # 1

Juan Pierre Juan Pierre. Power hitting papa. See, Jeff Kent, hitting in front of Manny does help. That’s where Pierre was when he rocked a homer to right tonight. It was not a cheapy either, going well up into the stands. And this on the heels of Angel Berroa’s homer last week. 
Guess it’s the Dodgers year after all.
News flash: I HATE THE DODGERS!!!
(and their fans) But I do like Juan Pierre…So happy, Duane Kuiper Day…
HUH # 2
Fans of this blog will note I have no great love for Ned Yost. I haven’t liked a lot of his moves. I don’t like him personally.
But firing the guy with his team tied for a playoff spot and a dozen games to go?
Huh, huh and double-huh. THAT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.
Really, go for two points on the conversion with no time left to win the game , why don’t you, but you better be correct..
Sounds dicey. Earlier this year Bill Bavasi bounced himself from M’sworld by his bizarre post-game press conference directive. Sounds like Bob Melvin is next, illustrating my classic quote: “The best jack is a self-jack”.
And obviously, the Mets are on their second manager. Isn’t there annual collapse getting old? Shouldn’t they be firing Jerry Manuel? I hear Ned Yost is available.
…and a
Ha and Ha. As I predicted. In economic news…The economy is shot to sh…AND YOU ARE VOTING FOR JOHN MCCAIN. COME ON A-WIPES. GET REAL. MR. MAVERICK AND HIS PARTY CAUSED THIS CRAP. Anybody who votes for those pigs is a pig and you can be a pig but stop screwing with America and me.

Don’t look now, but yonder come the Rockies

That’s correct, Larry Walker breath. Since the DBacks and Dodgeroos have sucked so much, the door has blown wide open for last year’s 35 million wins in a row NL champs.

The Rockolas have good pitching, even if it’s been inconsistent. They have great hitting and good defense.
And now they’re hot hot hot while the rest of the NL West is the usual crudaicious slop.
It’s not even September. They’re six games back and charging fast.
We  shall see, but the smart money now rides on the Rocks rocking on…

Jeff Kent v. Vin Scully..or stop talking ’bout me

Are you kidding me?

Sure, Jeff Kent is a jerk and a liar. Don’t forget moron. Remember his close encounter of the broken wrist kind while —  er-um, kick me if you’ve heard this one before — “washing” his truck.
He’s also a red neck loser.
But a great hitter. Defensive liability but he can hit.
Hit it already and shut up otherwise. I’m speaking in reference to Jeff Cant’s comments about Vin Scully.
Vin Scully is the greatest broadcaster of this generation and any generation dating back to when he started in the 1950s. He is a far greater presence and historic figure than Kent ever could hope to be.
So, to go after Scully for alleged disrespect when the announcer merely pointed out the obvious, that Kent’s hitting numbers had skyrocketed since Manny Ramirez came aboard is beyond idiotic.
And then to say Scully should stop talking about it and that he talks too mch.

That’s all Scully does is talk about it! That’s his Hall-of-Fame job.
All Scully does is talk about it. And it and that and this. That’s why people love him. That Scully has so much baseball knowledge, and can say the most illuminating and amazing things during the game. That makes the game for most of the world. Not your sorry country-western ***.
Kent said he was kidding. Oh yeah. Funny stuff. Next Stop John Stewart and Letterman.
Vin Scully is a baseball legend. You Jeff Kent, are a monkey on a rock. And yes, Manny is the reason you’re hitting better. So, if anybody should shut up, gee…wonder who.