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Trevor Trevor Bye-Bye Good Good

I am NOT one of those who booed fellow Rancho Santa Fe (resident?) Trevor Hoffman, but that’s because I have some class, however lowered it has become while watching the dismantling of the San Diego Padres.

But, I am also one who is quite content to see Herr Hoffman leave the burnt brown and yellow or whatever colors the Pads are flying in 2009. Not only are Hoffy’s best years behind him, but they went behind him two years ago when he blew the pennant, starting with, choke choke, at his newly found home, the BrewsCruise and to Tony Gwynn JRRRRRR GRRRRR of all legacies no less. Of course, the .500 Padres would have been blown out of the playoffs anyway as usual so who’s counting.
The fact is Trevor is done as anything more than a Saloman Torres wannabee — just talking 2009 here, not Hall of Fame previous career. Heath Bell will do a far better job at a far lower cost. It would have been impossible to move Bell to his proper role had Hoffman stayed, which more than explains the non-tendered move by the Pads. (Besides, the tender would have been $7.5 million, not exactly the $6 million on the Bruise table, so guess where Trevor would have gone.)
Hoffman is at the stage in his career, 40-something, where he would be much better placed as the 8th Inning guy, with a bit less finality of pressure. He may end up there anyway before the lately-annual BrewChoke in September.
Besides, the Padres don’t need Trevor to finish last this year although undoubtedly he would have helped.

SPY VERSUS SPY: Mets v. Brewers; surely it will end badly

The National League Wild Card race has turned into a parody similar to that “Spy versus Spy” fiasco of Mad Magazine infamy. Whatever is about to happen, it ain’t gonna look good. And it’s gonna be messy.

These Mets and Brewers teams seem intent on staging a battle of the blow-offs. Call it a choke-thon, last team in the field loses. Each finds new ways to lose every day, with each loss more spectacular for its futility and/or strangeness.

Maybe in Bizarro World, but puleeeeze, not in the National League.

(Don’t even get me started on the Phillies. Lucky for them, these two knucklehead teams descend through the rear view hoagie.)

The fact is the Mets and Brewers appear lacking in a little something. Call it fortitude, maybe better, relief pitching. Either way, this wild card race-backwards is distressing. Perhaps the greatest commendation is the indubitable image of THIS THING, THIS EVIL THING ending with a lot of whimpers sometime around sunset Sunday.
Then, it’s merry merry to a three-and-out playoff walk, don’t run, no doubt. Neither C.C. Sabathia nor Johan Santana can save them.
That’s all for now oh,  fair weather losers. I got a Padres-Nationals game to devour. Now, that’s baseball!

TWO HUHS AND A HAH: Juan Pierre, Ned Yost and me or “The Best Jack is a Self-Jack”

HUH # 1

Juan Pierre Juan Pierre. Power hitting papa. See, Jeff Kent, hitting in front of Manny does help. That’s where Pierre was when he rocked a homer to right tonight. It was not a cheapy either, going well up into the stands. And this on the heels of Angel Berroa’s homer last week. 
Guess it’s the Dodgers year after all.
News flash: I HATE THE DODGERS!!!
(and their fans) But I do like Juan Pierre…So happy, Duane Kuiper Day…
HUH # 2
Fans of this blog will note I have no great love for Ned Yost. I haven’t liked a lot of his moves. I don’t like him personally.
But firing the guy with his team tied for a playoff spot and a dozen games to go?
Huh, huh and double-huh. THAT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.
Really, go for two points on the conversion with no time left to win the game , why don’t you, but you better be correct..
Sounds dicey. Earlier this year Bill Bavasi bounced himself from M’sworld by his bizarre post-game press conference directive. Sounds like Bob Melvin is next, illustrating my classic quote: “The best jack is a self-jack”.
And obviously, the Mets are on their second manager. Isn’t there annual collapse getting old? Shouldn’t they be firing Jerry Manuel? I hear Ned Yost is available.
…and a
Ha and Ha. As I predicted. In economic news…The economy is shot to sh…AND YOU ARE VOTING FOR JOHN MCCAIN. COME ON A-WIPES. GET REAL. MR. MAVERICK AND HIS PARTY CAUSED THIS CRAP. Anybody who votes for those pigs is a pig and you can be a pig but stop screwing with America and me.

Considering the ‘official scorer’

Although, referring to the previous post, the Sabathia Si Si o No’ no’ of a hitter does call attention to the wonderfully wacky world of the official scorer, so-called.

Hits, errors, stats, have become an important part of the baseball culture. Furthermore, player contracts are affected by scorers’ decisions. Don’t even consider fans, fantasy leagues, all that stuff.
It’s kind of amazing the official scorer position is left to the individual teams to fill. Talk about inviting all sorts of abuses, from the individual scorer having no oversight to overt or subtle local pressures.
Make the official scorer a MLB employee, similar to umpires. They can be set up in an uniform structure, apples and apples, trained to score the games accurately and professionally with proper oversight.
OK, do it already!

Whine, whine whine is poor taste in the land of beer, beer, beer; OR hay suds breath, maybe Ned Yeast is the BruiseCruise problem

This whining about a so-called C.C. Sabathia — and yes, I kept the punctuation points — no-hitter on the part of Ned Yost calls into question the Brewers’ chances of making it to the playoffs.

Sure, they got a nice lead. Didn’t help them much last year.
Then, there’s Yost, who has gotten into several dugout fights. What’s he getting so uppity about the Sabathia thing. Shouldn’t he be totally concerned about getting into the playoffs.
Instead, it’s whinerooski and bad focus. The fact is the Sabathia fielding attempt on the squib hit wasn’t great, but it wasn’t an error. That play is called a hit 99.9 percent of the time. It was a tough play. He probably wouldn’t have got the runner even if he fielded it cleanly, with one hand, falling away from the first base line nearer the third base line. C.C. knew it and didn’t care. He wants to win. But Yeast….
It was a hit. Case closed.
And maybe a bad case of the whines in preparation of another September collapse.