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Going to the dollar store for some detergent and Chris Burke who was traded for himself April 21

Chris Burke has joined the ranks of baseball trivia infamy. Traded for himself and it didn’t cost all that much

One of the classic old school New York Mets tales involved the inimitable Harry Chiti who was traded to the Indians for the infamous player to be named later. That player, two months later, was Chiti.

Well, surreal sports fans, this scenario happened again April 21 without any fanfare, and remember you heard it first here. Chris Burke was traded for himself.  

Apparently, not only do the Padres and Mariners share a spring training facility at Peoria. They also share players.

The Padres sent Burke to the M’s for cash considerations on April 1.

Perhaps it was an April Fools Day joke. The purchase price turned out to be $1.

As the worm, I mean season, turned, the Padres lack of depth almost immediately revealed itself. That, coupled with solid efforts from former Padre Russell Branyan and fellow Rancho Santa Fe resident Mike Sweeney for the M’s, meant Burke suddenly became available for re-trade, sort of like a bottle getting returned for deposit.

So, April 21, Burke was traded back to the Padres for cash considerations. The savvy M’s even turned a profit for their care-taking effort.

Wait for it…Wait for it…Drum roll please…

The Padres paid the M’s $1.25.

That’s correct. In this era of multimillion dollar MLB contracts while many Americans scrimp and starve, after being traded for a dollar, Burke was traded back for $1.25. The M’s turned a fabulous 25 cent profit for their trouble

Kind of makes one wonder about the values available at the dollar store these days. Maybe, a smart shopper can pick up an MLB player, or two, while they’re grabbing bargains.

Weep not for the versatile Burke, however. He made $955,000 last year. Not bad for 86 games and 165 at-bats as a D’back.

Don’t know what Burke is making this year, but that $1.25 purchase price says it all about something, I’m just not quite sure what yet.