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Jeff Kent v. Vin Scully..or stop talking ’bout me

Are you kidding me?

Sure, Jeff Kent is a jerk and a liar. Don’t forget moron. Remember his close encounter of the broken wrist kind while —  er-um, kick me if you’ve heard this one before — “washing” his truck.
He’s also a red neck loser.
But a great hitter. Defensive liability but he can hit.
Hit it already and shut up otherwise. I’m speaking in reference to Jeff Cant’s comments about Vin Scully.
Vin Scully is the greatest broadcaster of this generation and any generation dating back to when he started in the 1950s. He is a far greater presence and historic figure than Kent ever could hope to be.
So, to go after Scully for alleged disrespect when the announcer merely pointed out the obvious, that Kent’s hitting numbers had skyrocketed since Manny Ramirez came aboard is beyond idiotic.
And then to say Scully should stop talking about it and that he talks too mch.

That’s all Scully does is talk about it! That’s his Hall-of-Fame job.
All Scully does is talk about it. And it and that and this. That’s why people love him. That Scully has so much baseball knowledge, and can say the most illuminating and amazing things during the game. That makes the game for most of the world. Not your sorry country-western ***.
Kent said he was kidding. Oh yeah. Funny stuff. Next Stop John Stewart and Letterman.
Vin Scully is a baseball legend. You Jeff Kent, are a monkey on a rock. And yes, Manny is the reason you’re hitting better. So, if anybody should shut up, gee…wonder who.

Barry Bonds and why not the Gigantes?

Barry Bonds has pretty much given up for this season. Next season he will be unavailable, of course, due to legal obligations with the San Quentin Nine.

That was the lesson I took from his cameo appearance at Corporate Logo Park in The City. Maybe, he thought his presence might spark some interest.
The reception was amazing. It was quite the Bizarro World experience. Even more amazing in some kind of anti-karma wonderland, the Gigantes have come from behind in the bottom of the 9th Inning (or 10th inning Saturday) and won both game since the chimerical Bonds sighting.
Which begs this question. Since Bonds is available and the only place he can go and not be a pariah is San Francisco and since he has no contract and can sign a contract for the minimum…
Is it not obvious?