About dweisman

Born on the day Don Larson threw his World
Series perfect game. Graduate of Horace Mann School,
Riverdale, N.Y.; honors in history, political science and
English at Rice University; masters degree in U.S. history at
University of Wisconsin-Madison. Weisman has pursued many
interests and careers. As reporter, assigned to cover Bill
Clinton in Arkansas. Investigative reporting awards from the
Florida Press Association and California Newspaper Publishers
Association. Also, insurance investigator at New Orleans and
associate curator of the Tulane University Jazz Archive.
Latest activity, editor of the Rancho Santa Fe Record, RSF,
California until laid off following the Witch Creek Fire in
October 2007. Baseball-related: Player; Fan with World Series
appearances in 1964, 1969; playoff appearances in 1969, 1986,
2006; Covered Toronto Blue Jays in 1992-1993, Oakland A’s in
1998, Managed Rice University baseball team to a 1-0 record
in special appearance 1991… Watched practically every
televised MLB game since 1981. Also special assignments
including baseball consultant to Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer.
Other: Visit 92067FREEPRESS.COM…I am available for
full-time baseball and writing assignments. E-mail me at
dweisman2002@yahoo.com. Enjoy!


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