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Trevor Trevor Bye-Bye Good Good

I am NOT one of those who booed fellow Rancho Santa Fe (resident?) Trevor Hoffman, but that’s because I have some class, however lowered it has become while watching the dismantling of the San Diego Padres.

But, I am also one who is quite content to see Herr Hoffman leave the burnt brown and yellow or whatever colors the Pads are flying in 2009. Not only are Hoffy’s best years behind him, but they went behind him two years ago when he blew the pennant, starting with, choke choke, at his newly found home, the BrewsCruise and to Tony Gwynn JRRRRRR GRRRRR of all legacies no less. Of course, the .500 Padres would have been blown out of the playoffs anyway as usual so who’s counting.
The fact is Trevor is done as anything more than a Saloman Torres wannabee — just talking 2009 here, not Hall of Fame previous career. Heath Bell will do a far better job at a far lower cost. It would have been impossible to move Bell to his proper role had Hoffman stayed, which more than explains the non-tendered move by the Pads. (Besides, the tender would have been $7.5 million, not exactly the $6 million on the Bruise table, so guess where Trevor would have gone.)
Hoffman is at the stage in his career, 40-something, where he would be much better placed as the 8th Inning guy, with a bit less finality of pressure. He may end up there anyway before the lately-annual BrewChoke in September.
Besides, the Padres don’t need Trevor to finish last this year although undoubtedly he would have helped.


Are you kidding me. What, they can’t afford to schedule two more games? Not that they wouldn’t mint millions of dollars on that.

Just that come on this is like Sarah Palin. Five games is too short to decide who plays for the World Series. It’s an insult to America, I mean baseball fans.
Write your congressman. They got nothing better to do.