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Uh-Oh Hot Dog!

Leaves are turning…and so are stomachas for it’s the 17-game countdown and September and the Mets are losing it. Literally.

You know you’re a Met when….

Mr. Humility aka Micah Owings just traded from Snakes to Commies to complete the Adam Dunn travesty, provided instant dividends. He can’t pitch mind you, but as a pinch hitter in his first Reds game drove in the winning run in the 10th against Sneaky Snakes. If the Snakes lose a playoff berth by one game, they’ll know who to blame. Themselves Pogo breath.

Post-game, aw shucks, Mr. Humble is just grateful for the opportunity blah blah boring blahachas…


Now I can appreciate the havoc caused by Adam “nee Pacman” Jones in surreal life for he has affected my fantasy life, so go figure why anyone would believe anything he said. Now I know better.

To wit: On HBO Jones went all off dont go there and throw dollar bills girl on Brandon Marshall for being fake. How Marshall sucks blah blah. So, instead of drafting Marshall, I drafted some losers. Since Marshall just caught 18 passes today, I’m kicking myself…for listening to Pacman Jones. How low can you go…



Phelps was good to go on Saturday Night Live. But then he followed his slam-glam NYC glitzathon with a Sunday morning-afternoon coming down in…Cleveland. Mistake Lakeside. But curiouser and curiouser, Mr. GoldMedal Phelps was wearing THE EXACT SAME CLOTHES HE WORE ON SNL THE NIGHT BEFORE. Huh?

Many questions. Does Phelps travel and sleep in his clothes? Perhaps that was a Phelpsian impersonator. Does he have several changes of the same types of clothes? Cleveland?



Again with the 60-day DL list. $10 MILLION??? FUGGEDABBOUD..




Don’t look now, but yonder come the Rockies

That’s correct, Larry Walker breath. Since the DBacks and Dodgeroos have sucked so much, the door has blown wide open for last year’s 35 million wins in a row NL champs.

The Rockolas have good pitching, even if it’s been inconsistent. They have great hitting and good defense.
And now they’re hot hot hot while the rest of the NL West is the usual crudaicious slop.
It’s not even September. They’re six games back and charging fast.
We ¬†shall see, but the smart money now rides on the Rocks rocking on…