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What about the other 103? Questions, questions and questions

Now that ARod is revealed as one of the 104 “anonymous” players testing positive for steroids in 2003, what about the other 103?

Fair is fair. Shouldn’t we know which other players were juicing in 2003 as if we couldn’t guess many names already? But plenty we can’t guess, especially when they were using the steroid d’jour, the clear.
The fact is many of these guys are hypocritically going around pretending they’re clean when they aren’t, so aren’t they the BIGGEST cheats of all? Shouldn’t they be called out for the good of the game?
They think they are free and CLEAR. But the entire mess is made all the worse by factors such as Gene Orza and who knows who else circumvented the steroid testing. And those were just the test tests, not the REAL tests that would result in suspensions. You don’t think they would be even more eager to circumvent testing shoud it affect clients or friends in the financial way?
It’s a whole ‘nother debate on the steroids era in general. Steroids weren’t fair because it gave cheaters the advantage. On the other hand, they also weren’t illegal in America until the late 1990s nor illegal in baseball until after 2003, so in the great tradition of getting away with what you can in baseball, how bad were they?
Actually, I liked the steroid era, you know the “Chicks dig the long ball” era, the home runs and scoring just as much as I hated the 1960s era of the pitcher. If that was due to steroid use, maybe steroid use should be legal in baseball.
But in this case, it is patently unfair to single out Arod. Release the other 103 names then since the anonymous shield is gone. Why not? They were juicing, right? They should come CLEAN anyway for the good of the game..

Barry Bonds and why not the…Rays? (Also, an Olympic  moment).

Let’s put the devil back into the rays.

At this point, the Bonds baggage actually can be a good thing. Really.
The Rays need a power left-handed bat. Bonds can DH.
The steroid stuff is so tired and old. We all know he’s going to prison for perjury next year. So, he has six weeks to help a cinderella team win the pennant.
It’s all good PR. And Bonds can help the Rays.
Since the steroids are a given and we know he has to be clean, the controversy on this point is moot. Barry is at St. Pete to play ball and win the pennant so who can doubt that each day the focus wll be on the team and the win, not so much on Bonds. And since everyone knows the baggage situation, nobody is going to care all that much. And if Bonds does deflect some attention, that’s good too, since it takes media glare off other players who can relax and play loose.
It’s surprising this hasn’t taken place as of Aug. 15.
I predict it will happen…
(And speaking of which in a strange paradoxical thought pattern that popped just in my brain now: What about Dale Berra?)
Olympics Aside

The U.S. baseball team really choked against South Korea the other day — or was it night.
They rebounded against the Dutch, ha-ha.
Davey Johnson looked sick to his stomach in the Korea loss and with good reason. Surely, these guys can respond better to pressure. Unfortunately not, as they did a redux against Cuba the other night/day.
Can you say sayonara? The Japanese team is loaded with top pros and the Cubans are the Cubans, despite half their real team now playing in the U.S. 
But who cares, I got a badminton match to watch. What’s the birdie over/under on Malaysia-Sri Lanka?