TWO HUHS AND A HAH: Juan Pierre, Ned Yost and me or “The Best Jack is a Self-Jack”

HUH # 1

Juan Pierre Juan Pierre. Power hitting papa. See, Jeff Kent, hitting in front of Manny does help. That’s where Pierre was when he rocked a homer to right tonight. It was not a cheapy either, going well up into the stands. And this on the heels of Angel Berroa’s homer last week. 
Guess it’s the Dodgers year after all.
News flash: I HATE THE DODGERS!!!
(and their fans) But I do like Juan Pierre…So happy, Duane Kuiper Day…
HUH # 2
Fans of this blog will note I have no great love for Ned Yost. I haven’t liked a lot of his moves. I don’t like him personally.
But firing the guy with his team tied for a playoff spot and a dozen games to go?
Huh, huh and double-huh. THAT MAKES ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE.
Really, go for two points on the conversion with no time left to win the game , why don’t you, but you better be correct..
Sounds dicey. Earlier this year Bill Bavasi bounced himself from M’sworld by his bizarre post-game press conference directive. Sounds like Bob Melvin is next, illustrating my classic quote: “The best jack is a self-jack”.
And obviously, the Mets are on their second manager. Isn’t there annual collapse getting old? Shouldn’t they be firing Jerry Manuel? I hear Ned Yost is available.
…and a
Ha and Ha. As I predicted. In economic news…The economy is shot to sh…AND YOU ARE VOTING FOR JOHN MCCAIN. COME ON A-WIPES. GET REAL. MR. MAVERICK AND HIS PARTY CAUSED THIS CRAP. Anybody who votes for those pigs is a pig and you can be a pig but stop screwing with America and me.

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