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As the Padres-Rockies game turns, say around the 21st Inning, or so, a real time experience

As I write this, around 12:30 a.m. Pacific Yadda Time, the Padres and Rockies attempt their 20th inning of play.

If this were Osaka, this game would be done.

But Its pretty little don’t even try to score Petco and after 14 innings of no runs then a tease of the 15th, the longest game in major league baseball since 2003 is kind of sexy.

It’s a classic case of you can’t get there from ere. Kouzmanoff dives to his left and Brooks Robinson the ball hawks.

Styrike one and two. Diving catches. Bizarre calls. That’s what it took to drag this classic contest into the late and early moondust.

One two three and three two one. They’re gone. More innings. We can’t get enough. No one dares blow this one.

The yin in the yang has tired. Troy Tulowitzki breaks his oh-for-seven with an eighth.

We go to the bottom of the 20th tied 1-1. Oh doctor. This is baseball real time. Next game is later today. In another state.

Defensive gems abound. The best two defensive shortstops in the National League unknown to the casual fans, Khalil Greene and Tulowitzki strut their stuff. Dead air and Petco’s spacious park. The perfect storm for a return to 1968 style baseball.

Ah, if only they counted foul balls as points and scored a win that way. Or as in the most recent spring training call the game after, shall we say, 10?

Nah, they’re going to play all night. Grab another bag of popcorn.

OK the taped-up rams head in the 17th was a nice touch. But it didn’t work, obviously. Neither did the gris-gris and the voodoo hex in the 19th. Worlds have risen and crashed. People have been born and died.

And we are headed to the bottom of the 21st. Good.