UH-OH HOT DOG; Padres back to losing ways

Looks like the party didn’t make it to May for the Padres who went 9-2 to start the season before losing three games in a row this week.

Front-runner that I am, I’m back off the Padres bandwagon. They’re back on track to that coveted 100-loss season.

Some of it was inevitability somewhat postponed as the boys came out scrapping, stole a few games, caught a few teams flat-footed in the April gloaming.

Lack of depth and heaven forbid talent proved the team’s undoing. It’s always a good sign to win one-run games, which they did for a while, but now they’re losing them with no end in sight.

Jake Peavy and Chris Young have been pitching well, but it’s hard to win with no run support, which has been the case. A few injuries and blown bullpen outings later, the writing is on the Lake Hodges Dam graffiti wall. It’s all over baby beige and blue.

Then again, what did you expect?


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