Astros Win! Astros Win! Stop the cyberpresses…

Sure, spring training baseball games matter not, permanent record-wise. What was the Rays spring training record last year? Nobody cares, but it was 18-8. The Phillies were 12-18. So there.

However, the Astros have posted an impressive string of futility this spring, winning the first game against MLB competition, then proceeding to lose 16 games in a row, with three ties thrown in for bad measure. Even a blind squirrel wins one of those games, one might John Lennon imagine.
But spring, in its true sense, emerged on March 20. And with the season turn turn turn, an Astros prison break-out, four whole runs. Hoo-ra!
It wasn’t easy, of course. Cecil Cooper said he was going to manage the game as if it counted and had to back that up with a 9th Inning call to the bullpen for a closer after the Reds scored two runs and sent the tying run up to the plate.
Katie slammed the door, however, for Win #2 this springless training. First win since Feb. 25. They celebrated like it was 1999.
Win #3? At this rate: April 17.

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