Robbie Alomar goes YA-YA’S

I lived in Tampa and worked Clearwater, Dunedin, Port Richey and such when Robbie Alomar starred for the Toronto Blue Jays. I always considered him a great and totally underrated ballplayer, Hall of Fame caliber. I even spoke to him a few times.

So, I had a soft spot for Alomar. And then some.
See, when somebody asked him for the name of his favorite restaurant, he came back Ya-Ya’s. Actually, he said: “I. Roberto Alomar, Blue Yays second baseman love Ya Ya’s chicken.”
ME TOO! I loved Ya Ya’s. They had like six or seven outlets around the Tampa Bay area, served awesome healhy grilled chicken dinners at reasonable prices, fast. Great salads and sides.
So when Robbie went Ya-Ya’s, so did I during my frequent visits to the place. YA-YA’S!!!
And now this. The AIDS thing. Amazingly given Alomar’s frequent upstaging by others over his baseball years, he couldn’t even get no respect for a GIGANTIC SCANDAL, probably. The legal paperwork spewed forth from a palimony suit on the AIDS problem just when the ARod news broke, so Alomar, even in possible demise, was upstaged.
But the Alomar affair has so many angles, it’s hard to know where to start. #1: He has HIV and AIDS? Huh? He was raped as a 17-year-old by men ouside his first minor league team’s park? Huh? And so much more, like his seven-year live-in girlfriend — they call that a wife at many trailer parks — and her past as a “champion female arm-wrestler”, as shown in old clips. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!
Considering we can count on no fingers the number of acknowledged Major League Baseball. or former MLB players with AIDS, or victims of rape for that matter, this story would be blown up al over the hemisphere.
Barely a whimper however this week. We’ll hear a lot more. You heard it here first.

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