What about the other 103? Questions, questions and questions

Now that ARod is revealed as one of the 104 “anonymous” players testing positive for steroids in 2003, what about the other 103?

Fair is fair. Shouldn’t we know which other players were juicing in 2003 as if we couldn’t guess many names already? But plenty we can’t guess, especially when they were using the steroid d’jour, the clear.
The fact is many of these guys are hypocritically going around pretending they’re clean when they aren’t, so aren’t they the BIGGEST cheats of all? Shouldn’t they be called out for the good of the game?
They think they are free and CLEAR. But the entire mess is made all the worse by factors such as Gene Orza and who knows who else circumvented the steroid testing. And those were just the test tests, not the REAL tests that would result in suspensions. You don’t think they would be even more eager to circumvent testing shoud it affect clients or friends in the financial way?
It’s a whole ‘nother debate on the steroids era in general. Steroids weren’t fair because it gave cheaters the advantage. On the other hand, they also weren’t illegal in America until the late 1990s nor illegal in baseball until after 2003, so in the great tradition of getting away with what you can in baseball, how bad were they?
Actually, I liked the steroid era, you know the “Chicks dig the long ball” era, the home runs and scoring just as much as I hated the 1960s era of the pitcher. If that was due to steroid use, maybe steroid use should be legal in baseball.
But in this case, it is patently unfair to single out Arod. Release the other 103 names then since the anonymous shield is gone. Why not? They were juicing, right? They should come CLEAN anyway for the good of the game..


  1. yankee54

    I think he did the right thing finally coming clean, when he was caught between a rock and hard place. Like Giambi and Pettite, he will be forgiven as soon as he hits the ball out of the park and wins a game. Life will move on, and eventually he will hopefully win a World Series with the Yankees. He lied to Katie, because he had to, because the pressure from the rest of the users and the union to remain silent….is deafening…….until caught…

    I think all will be forgiven, because he didn’t pull a Roger Clemens or Barry Bonds, and deny, deny, deny.

    He finally got the right advise today to just come clean. We will move on from here, because there is nothing else to admit. As far as his stats are concerned, they should all count, as the pitchers and the rest of the guys were juicing during that era. If anybody thinks that only 104 guys did it out of the whole league, then everybody is a fool who believes that is the whole group in the Mitchell Report. Remember, the Mitchell report only had limited access to a few guys who were caught. They did not get all the guys from all 30 teams. Believe me, they would have had 4 to 10 times that number if the real info were available as to who was juicing from pitchers, to hitters. Remember, these guys have been competing their whole lives, and they are trying to stay at the top of the hill, so any edge they could get in most cases would have been taken, just to stay in the game. The show was their whole focus since Little League, thru Middle and High School, College, the Minors, etc. I think all stats should count, it was the times that they lived in. All things being equal. Now they test, now they get punished, now they admit to their past transgressions. Lets move on. Bring on Opening Day…….Lets go Yankees……………

  2. raysrenegade

    Well we know that Jose Canseco was not one of the 103 since he stopped playing in 2001. He played with the Chicago White Sox that season and did not step on a field after that season.

    It would be interesting to see the list just for giggles and laughs, but the situation is not a laughing matter. At least he started to begin the healing over the situation by admitting his mistakes today. But by saying he was not clean from 2001-2003 while with the Texas Rangers, does that take him out of Hall of Fame consideration like Mark McGuire for awhile.

    I guess we will have to check the A-Rod clock in a few weeks and see how much credibility and respect he lost among his peers and well as the fans.

    Rays Renegade


  3. dweisman

    I believe Arod should not be singled out if there are 103 others. They should come clean or be outed. Now, does Arod give back the money he got from the Rangers based on his 2001-02 steroid seasons, or the 2003 MVP? Not, of course.

  4. kingofcali

    I think they should just relase all the names so this issue can be over and done with. It was just part of this era in baseball due to MLB not having a strick testing and steroids policy. Baseball just needs to get everything rleased to clean up everything and move forward with the game.

    ~King of Cali

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