LOST: The curious case of Ruben Rivera

Yes, Virginia, Ruben Rivera does exist. He’s even playing in the Caribbean Series.

Just as in “Lost” the TV show goes back and forth in time long eough for you to get dizzy lost, the reappearance of Herr Rivera on televised baseball is amazing beyond even the hallowed shores of Somewhere Funky Mexico, oh yeah, Mexicali.

Once touted by the Yankees as the second coming of Mickey Mantle, later categorized by teammates as the greatest batting practice in modertn baseball, Rivera is to criss-crossed career as the Beveraly Hillbillies are to pig Latin classics.
But I digress.
Baseball is fast becoming a year-round sport. With the MLB Network and MLB.com, every game is on from practically anywhere anytime or will be soon.
This year the Caribbean (World) Series is on MLB TV. The World Baseball Classic is next month. Last year for the first time, a massive number of preseason games were televised. Just a few years ago, most eams might broadcast two or three games. This year, full runs of games will be televised, not to mention MLB.com’s package should your include bailout include $15, or more; much, much more.
So, there’s Rivera. Biunced out of MLB in 2002, going to Japan, Mexicali, Timbuktu, obscuritatas.
I wish I could tell you he did good. But it was same old same old as Rivera fouled off fastballs before strikiing out on the achilles curve.
The more things change, etc…
A tale of two Gonzales’s’s’s’s’s’
Adrian and Edgar already in mid-season form plaing for Mexico. Padres fans should expect more of the same this year. Adrian made a great defensve play and knocked in a two-out run. Edgar made a throwing error leading to the tying run.

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