Happy New Year : Has MLB become a big ripoff?

Wow, I’m already tired of the 2009 Baseball Season.

The salaries being paid players has become more than ridiculous, it’s become obscene.
Really, hundreds of millions of dollars in salaries while so many other people are suffering economic hardships and worse.
It’s making me think about the enabling that must be the reason for the extreme spending. Owners are maing enugh to pay these salaries or tey simply wouldn’t. So, where is this money cpming from? You. And me. While, we’re scrambling to find $10 for a meal, if we also pay, say $400 for MLB Extra Inning, we’re in effect giving them the multi-dolars being given, in part to the Sabathias, Burnetts, et al. 
I’m not sure I ant t give C.C. Sabathia one of my dollars anymore. I just like to watch high quality baseball. Maybe I’ll go to the nearby college and watch baseball anyawy.
MLB needs a salary cap immediately and to roll back ticket prices. Otherwise, they suck.

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