SPY VERSUS SPY: Mets v. Brewers; surely it will end badly

The National League Wild Card race has turned into a parody similar to that “Spy versus Spy” fiasco of Mad Magazine infamy. Whatever is about to happen, it ain’t gonna look good. And it’s gonna be messy.

These Mets and Brewers teams seem intent on staging a battle of the blow-offs. Call it a choke-thon, last team in the field loses. Each finds new ways to lose every day, with each loss more spectacular for its futility and/or strangeness.

Maybe in Bizarro World, but puleeeeze, not in the National League.

(Don’t even get me started on the Phillies. Lucky for them, these two knucklehead teams descend through the rear view hoagie.)

The fact is the Mets and Brewers appear lacking in a little something. Call it fortitude, maybe better, relief pitching. Either way, this wild card race-backwards is distressing. Perhaps the greatest commendation is the indubitable image of THIS THING, THIS EVIL THING ending with a lot of whimpers sometime around sunset Sunday.
Then, it’s merry merry to a three-and-out playoff walk, don’t run, no doubt. Neither C.C. Sabathia nor Johan Santana can save them.
That’s all for now oh,  fair weather losers. I got a Padres-Nationals game to devour. Now, that’s baseball!

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