Hitting coach of the San Diego Padres apparently. The fourth hitting coach in four years, Wally Joiner, bit the bullet today, his agent citing his “frustration level with realizing…his philosophy.”

Philosophy. How about a see the ball hit the ball philosophy. Is that too much to ask?
Losing it as Padres hitting coach mysteriously coincides with number of years at Petco Park. Yes, it’s possible to hit there. Just not very much.
Fortunately, being let go or letting go as Padres hitting coach is far from a hinderance to future employment opportunities. Witness Dave Magadan. His resume includes Padres hitting coach, 2003-06, the advent of the Petco Era. Now, he is the hitting coach of the World Champion Red Sox, so he can’t be too bad. Same with Merv Rettenmund.
It all relates to Padres upper management, which is greatly in need of a bailout plan, namely somebody needs to bail them out of the front office and into the recycle bin.

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