John Moooores John Moooores where in the world is…

John Moooooooores John Moooooooores

The phantom owner of the Padres, now engaged in a kinky divorce to the death grudge match with estranged wife Becky over the family jewels, in this case THE PADRES, which is their main asset, was SPOTTED AT A PADRES GAME!!!
Yes, after a noticeable absence from Pads games — due to a dispute over who gets use of the owner’s suite at the stadium apparently — the (former) Rancho Santa Fe resident attended a game played by his very own (half) team.
Punch-line please:
Looked like Mr. Moooooores was having a fine old time at Milwaukee. The season is near done. Guess he won’t make a home game all year. Good to have ownership so involved with the product.
And the Padres are going to lose 100 and how many games?
Fair is fair.
In other news, the Padres call-ups have been playing very well in September. The question is whether this is fake or real. MLB history is littered with guys who played well for a few weeks and then disappeared forever.
The Padres have had a lot of this with pitching. Even this year, Josh Banks went from reclamation project achievement to Cy Young light for a few starts back to he hate me. Cla Meredith had a great 3/4 of a year and has been terrible ever since. Yada Yada Yada.
The AAA players had better be good enough though. The Mooooooores d-i-v-o-r-c-e has sunk the club’s fortunes for a while to come yet. Couple that with consistent over-hyping of prospects who go bust and the team has a Bushesque credibility gap.
But that’s a gap that can be crossed through winning.
Any bets?

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