Something is rotten with Cha (Cha) Seung Baek startin’

Who is this guy? And why?

Better yet, how does he keep getting the ball in Major League Baseball games?
OK, sure, he had a great outing the other day at Petco Park, lowering his home ERA from seven to six.
Hoorah. Nothing says great talent like a six ERA in the pitcher friendliest park in baseball. At least, he’s in single digits. For now.
Give Baek this much. He is not pitching to his 4-9 record. He’s pitching WORSE. Much much worse,
Mind-blowing. And he sucked with the Mariners before they waived him.
The thing about Baek is his stuff ain’t. By that I mean, he doesn’t even look good out there.
So again, why why why why why why why??? Please die.
The Korean Mafia. That’s it, Tommy Finagle-John Lovitz Breath. The only possible explanation is the KM got to KT, Kevin Towers, and BB, Bud Black.
Made them an offer they couldn’t refuse.
It must be true. Otherwise, there is no rational explanation for trotting this sorry excuse of a loser out there every fifth day.
Cha Cha Seung Baek must be stopped before he destroys the entire village. Oh wait, that’s King Kong.
Never mind.

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