Whine, whine whine is poor taste in the land of beer, beer, beer; OR hay suds breath, maybe Ned Yeast is the BruiseCruise problem

This whining about a so-called C.C. Sabathia — and yes, I kept the punctuation points — no-hitter on the part of Ned Yost calls into question the Brewers’ chances of making it to the playoffs.

Sure, they got a nice lead. Didn’t help them much last year.
Then, there’s Yost, who has gotten into several dugout fights. What’s he getting so uppity about the Sabathia thing. Shouldn’t he be totally concerned about getting into the playoffs.
Instead, it’s whinerooski and bad focus. The fact is the Sabathia fielding attempt on the squib hit wasn’t great, but it wasn’t an error. That play is called a hit 99.9 percent of the time. It was a tough play. He probably wouldn’t have got the runner even if he fielded it cleanly, with one hand, falling away from the first base line nearer the third base line. C.C. knew it and didn’t care. He wants to win. But Yeast….
It was a hit. Case closed.
And maybe a bad case of the whines in preparation of another September collapse.


  1. b.w.bard@centurytel.net

    I have to agree with you on this point about Ned Yost and the “No Hitter” squabble. But I refuse to blame this point on the september collapse for the second year in a row.

    I attempt to be very open when watching a baseball game, but it appears to me that MLB is still not ready for a small market team like the Brewers to be part of the post season.

    It is very apparent that the Brewers have made many miscues playing the game in the month of September. But it is also very obvious watching some of these games that umpire calls haven’t helped the team with their confidence at the plate.

    I see the Brewers players swinging freely at pitches out of the zone. But have seen these pitches called strikes on a no swing while opponents seem to just be able to stand at the plate with the bat resting on their shoulders knowing when the meatball the umpire requires Brewer pitchers to throw to get a called strike is going to land.

    Like oil prises are determined by the futures trading in the stock market, baseball is determined by the betting in Las Vegas and there just isn’t enough money being laid down on the table for a small market team like the Brewers.

    • dweisman

      Interesting points. Watching some Brewers games this month, I feel they have several difficulties. The defense looks bad, which is tough to overcome. The relief pitching has been bad. And without doubt, the players appeared very uptight.

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