Dodging, breaking, spring

It was bogus, but still a close call. Brad Lidge was ipso-facto coming off an injury lay-off. The bottom of the ninth inning, Cincinnati. Cole Hamels shut down the Reds. Tom Gordon actually had a 1-2-3 inning. Amazing considering his ridiculous path this year. So, Lidge dodged the first bullet. Brandon Phillips smashed a ball that died at the back of the back of the warning track. Two outs, one on and a somewhat routine fly ball down the left field line. The wind blew it a bit stand-ward and Toguchi ran up to catch the ball. Oops. He slightly overran it, held his glove out Willie Mays basket catch style and Dr. Strangeglove dropped it. Second and third. A semi-intentional walk to Ken Griffey later and a wild pitch later, the bases are loaded and so is the Philly Fanatic.

Baseball is back.

Lidge got the save after all.

Speaking of MVPs, how about Matt Holiday for the MVP — again — of April 6-7. After staring off slowly bang the drums, he hit his first home run of the year on Sunday and tied the game. Unfortunately, the rocks piled and Manny Corpas blew the game on a Coors-swept home run. On Monday, Holiday went on Spring Break and hit another home rune. This one won the game.


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