Jerry Coleman was on his game today. Or at least sniffing out — shall we say — a big lead. The occasion was barbecue, the smells thereof, which somehow, some way reminded the Hall of Fame broadcaster and former Yankees second-baseman of…marijuana…What else? Maybe the colonel had the munchies up there in Peoria. Fellow traveler Ted Leitner was bemused, asking Coleman how he knew it was marijuana oh’lo those many spring trainings ago when first he smelt it? “They” told me, Coleman said. Wnk. Wink.
Speaking of pot, or going to pot, whichever comes first, the Padres rotation upfront with Jake Peavy, Chris Young, Greg Maddux, is proceeding as advertised. The back-end guys like Randy Wolf, Justin Germano, et al. not so good. OK, just so long as the very scary “Wolf Pack” stays put in Philly.

Around the National League…

Johnny Estrada, now of the Washington Whatevers, said he was looking forward to the new stadium and playing a role. Although, “It’s kind of frustrating coming to new teams year after year,” he told MASN. “But me and Pauly (LoDuca) will brng a lot to this team.”

Jim Bowden, the Washouts GM, said Ryan Zimmerman “started his career in Washington and I hope will finish his career in Washington.” Bowden also believes “no doubt, our park will be the greatest baseball park in the history of the world.” Fair enough. Better than the Coliseum where the Tigers and Lions played the Christians to a maul?

And, oh yes, Bowden knows Willy Mo Pena will hit 30 to 40 home runs, “but the key is cutting down on his strikeouts.” A decision on the Nick Johnson-Dimitri Young dilemma remains contingent on injury recovery progress later this springs, he said.

Hey look Andre Eithier over. The crowded Dodgers outfield doesn’t have room for him. But so far so very good looking this spring as Ethier is hanging a star all the heck over it, to paraphrase the catch phrase Coleman has made famous all over the air through the many splendid years.

Blast from the Past? Odalis Perez did not die, but he did fade away. He’s re-emerged at Washington’s camp, “looking phenomenal,” according to Bob Boone. “He’s throwing it in a teacup.”

OK, no more…For now. Don’t forget to check out for more on the hometown of many of your Major League stars, not to mention John Moores, Padres owner..and yours truly.

Ciao for now!


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