Oh Happy Days

Dan Weisman, Baseball Investigator, is about to share a lot of baseball-related knowledge and current observational insights with the baseball loving world at large.
Think of this as Marcel Duchamp meets The Lou Gehrig Story.

The Spring Training Version will be updated periodically. The in-season effort will be updated continually, up to several times a day.

You may not know Dan Weisman, Baseball Investigator, but he is one of the foremost baseball experts in America. He has kept a low profile over the years because, well, he has been watching baseball games. Now, he is ready to give back in the form of what I do best, talk about baseball.

He has watched (practically) every televised baseball game since the early 1980s. Mike Bong before he committed suicide in a bathtub in 1984 — he was a very talented artist and musician, and herion junky — called us a “baseball addict” when I tried to change the TV from “General Hospital” to Cubs v. Mets.

But we digress.

I’ve been around. I played a little. Went to Rice University where Wayne Graham is the closest thing to a baseball deity possible. I outlined the international scouting track in the late 1970s, back when it sounded insane although Branch Rickey Jr., then of the Pirates, listened intently to my suggestions. Later, I was baseball consultant to Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer as he tried to relocate the Seattle Mariners and then the San Francisco Giants to New Orleans. Later yet, Mariners scouting chief Dan Jennings didn’t know what to make of me and my suggestion that scouting on the MLB level could be highly successful conducted entirely through monitoring baseball on television.

Meanwhile, I had my other baseball moments. Present at several World Series — Cards-Yanks; Mets-Orioles Yanks-Padres — as well as NLDS games, including Astros v. Mets Game Six in 1986. I covered the Toronto Blue Jays and wrote some about the Oakland A’s and Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays.

And now this…It’s going to be a great season!


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